Dustin Edward Arnold

Dustin is a designer, photographer, and creative director whose practice incorporates media design, fashion, scenography, products and film.

Previously he was
Head of Creative @ Rose Inc

Group Creative Director @ DITA.

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Spatial Design


Dustin Edward Arnold



Vertu is a luxury phone manufacturer. Prior to Vertu, there has been no opportunity to ‘buy the best’ in mobile communications. Opportunities for Vertu exist because affluent consumers ‘demand and desire the BEST’ in the products they buy and services they use – eg watches, jewellery, pens, luggage, cars etc. The Signature range, launched first, has a polarising appeal and although the materials and price tag position it as ‘uber luxury’, its market is believed to be niche. ‘Obsessively Crafted’ is intended as the essence of the Vertu brand, manifesting itself in the market in the Signature and Ascent ranges. The tangible support for this claim: every element within the product ‘demonstrates rarity’.
The brand stood for $$$ with little knowledge of a rationale behind the expense. This began to undermine the aspirational value of the brand among a broader target. Obsessively crafted as the brand’s essence communicates both rationally and emotionally to potential patrons, but wasn’t being done properly.

Superior quality materials, attention to detail and finishing sensations – Irrespective of how precious, unique and beautiful the device is is still a main challenge for a product that is to be used everyday in a world where technology is acknowledged to be changing rapidly. At a conceptual level, it is difficult to relate ‘luxury’ to mobile phones because:

Luxury:                           Mobile Phones:
Longer lasting               Become obsolete quickly
Self Indulgent                Functional, Practical
Unique, original             Easy to change
Expensive                      Cheap

In order for Vertu to be considered an upper tier luxury brand it needs to seduce through the senses Communicating through metaphor and innuendo to become a heightened visual and tactile experience where product is immediately associated with service i.e. the Vertu concierge.
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Creative Direction—Dustin Edward Arnold
Design—Dustin Edward Arnold

Vertu Constellation.
A Guiding Light.

At the heart of every Vertu experience is the independent concierge Service designed to meet your every need. Around the clock, you will receive expert assistance, recommendations and priority bookings.
From creating bespoke gifts to accessing money-can’t-buy events, experiences and everything in between. The concierge team will do their utmost to Fulfill every request and can be accessed directly from your handset with the touch of a single button.