Dustin Edward Arnold

Dustin is a designer, photographer, and creative director whose practice incorporates media design, fashion, scenography, products and film.

Previously he was
Head of Creative @ Rose Inc

Group Creative Director @ DITA.

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Spatial Design


Dustin Edward Arnold


Coke Zero Sugar
Take-a-Taste Campaign

Design System

A drink so tasty you have to take it.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is soaring in popularity. And, naturally, when something gets popular, people do whatever they can to get their hands on it. 

With 40 per cent of people admitting to taking someone else’s food or drink, the irresistibly tasty Coke Zero Sugar was perfect to frame as something worth doing anything for.

So we created a global campaign that celebrated stealing coke zero off the people in your life and protecting the ones that rightfully belong to you.

Agency: AKQA SF
Role: Executive Creative Director, Design

Jack Teagle

Unit9 London (Mobile, Mobile Games, Security Can), 
Gimmick Studio (Animation), Combustion Studio (Sound Design, Audio)

Tempting the masses to take a taste.

Leaning into this playful taking behaviour, we crafted a global platform for Coke Zero Sugar that encourages people to succumb to their temptations and #TakeATaste.

A series of socially-driven, experience-led communications and activations spur people to either sneakily take a taste of a Coke Zero, or protect their own Coke Zero from being taken by others.
Campaign Deliverables

Global Design System for Coke Zero Sugar and Coke Zero Zero.

Digital, social, print and OOH

‘Security Cans’ delivered to influencers for social content.

48 global influencer films across 5 different markets in multiple languages

50+ animated films

A custom social AR filter

14 campaign WhatsApp stickers

2 mobile games driving product sampling

A High Snobiety merch collab
AKQA SF Credits:
ECD, Copy: Tim McDonell
CD: Zach Pritchard
Strategy Director: Mike Riley
Strategy Director: Ed Gibson
Strategy Director: Marcelo Magalhaes
Designer: Matt Kim
Art Director: Cami Silva
ACD/Art: Mattei Robison
ACD/Art: Frederico Gasparian
ACD/Copy: Will Sands
Copywriter: Andrew Hurwitz
Chief Client Officer: Bianca Dordea, Patrick Gregory Executive Producer: Chris Kramer

We collaborated with British illustrator Jack Teagle to create a cast of characters inspired by retro cartoons and vintage heist movies. These characters’ come to life in a series of mini animated films, posters and social assets. Each depicts a humorous heist scenario taking place inside the average fridge.

Security Can-fidential

After planting the seeds, Coca-Cola then responded to the bubbling online conversation with the ultimate form of fridge protection, the Security Can. This first-of-its-kind can of Coke Zero, which could be opened and drank like any other, was fitted with an in-built, motion-detecting security camera to catch any would-be thieves red handed.

A series of diverse global influencers were recruited to amplify the phenomenon of Coke Zero’s being taken. Their organic posts fueled conversation on social, alongside a collection of remixed and bespoke memes, WhatsApp stickers and face filters.

Coke Zero then took ownership of the conversation by giving the audience permission to #TakeATaste of the product wherever they see it.

A range of interactive experiences also allowed people to win a taste of the drink, including a retro 2D level-progression mobile game, and an AR scavenger hunt mobile experience for trial on college campuses.