Dustin Edward Arnold

Dustin is a designer, photographer, and creative director whose practice incorporates media design, fashion, scenography, products and film.

Previously he was
Head of Creative @ Rose Inc

Group Creative Director @ DITA.

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Spatial Design


Dustin Edward Arnold

The North Face
.COM Future Vision

Brand Strategy
Experience Vision
Design System

Agency: AKQA SF
Role: Executive Creative Director, Design


Sebastian Gunnewig, Executive Director Strategy & UX
Molly McGlynn, Brand Strategy Lead
Christoph Friess, UX Director
Yifan Mao, Senior UX Designer
Caleb Kramer, Strategy Director
Lauren Buniva, Associate Strategy Director
Matt Kim, Design Lead
Brian Lee, Senior Designer
Emma Lee, Senior Designer
Richard Homewood, Technology Director
Mike Procelli, Executive Director Data Science & Analytics


Innovation 1
Enhanced Wayfinding

  • Search elevated in navigation to better serve seekers
  • Simplified navigation
  • Navigation optimized by highest ROI (search and shop by activity)
  • Navigation language tells a story about TNF
  • Reimagine shopping. The site remembers key pieces of information including shoe size, top size and pant size to reduce friction throughout the shopping journey
  • Prompt to save filters and become an XPLR member


Innovation 2
Integrated Storytelling

  • Immersive full-screen experience
  • Storytelling integrates key product benefits and features
  • Additional athlete and technology content integrated into the experience

  • Elevating key products types on the landing page
  • Integrating new offerings and services for customers
  • Integrating relevant athletes into the page
  • Additional athlete and technology 
  • content integrated into the PDP


Innovation 3
Embedded Intelligence

  • The North Face AI assistant replicates the human interaction a customer has with a super knowledgeable sales assistant

  • Able to answer specific questions and recommend highly relevant products that fulfill customer needs
  • Every TNF sale assistant is able to access CliffsNotes on every XPLR Pass member, enabling a better, more informed customer experience

  • The assistant has the ability to save notes on their conversation that can then personalize the website on their next visit
  • For initial visits we can adjust the homepage dynamically based on browsing behavior elsewhere

  • For return visitors the homepage is deeply personalized based on the information we have gathered


Innovation 4
Community Powered
  • Reimagine our stores as Base Camps—a place to hang out, meet up and connect with like-minded individuals
  • Injecting soul and community into the store experience
  • Community is elevated on the site as a key offering from TNF
  • Contains various community-based offerings which can be accessed by XPLR Pass members
  • Create a new offering for our XPLR Pass members to join a selection of organized expeditions Enables XPLR Pass members to introduce non-members, as well as meet other members
  • Leverage our athletes, experts and ambassadors to create a series of events throughout the year that inspire and engage our community
  • Events are virtual or physically take place at Base Camps