Dustin Edward Arnold

Dustin is a designer, photographer, and creative director whose practice incorporates media design, fashion, scenography, products and film.

Previously he was
Head of Creative @ Rose Inc

Group Creative Director @ DITA.

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Spatial Design


Dustin Edward Arnold


Batzner is an independent laboratory+perfuming house in Amsterdam providing the highest level of formulations for the luxury fragrance industry. Founded in 2001 by Markos Haan the lab has
produced formulas both commercially and privately for clients worldwide. In opposition to organic trends and in Dutch fashion, Batzner touts, even brags about their ability at 100% synthetic
reproduction. Underscoring this craft by formulating high concept fragrances such as lucite, ceran
wrap and plasti-sheen.

The packaging system was developed for their private clients which reflected Batzner’s ideology regarding fragrance. “The future of fragrance, the future of our world is synthetic. The scarcity of
resources and collapse of the traditional artisan is inevitible. Rather than skirt the subject we embrace it, taking it upon ourselves to stretch the imagination and create new methods of production
in the post-industrial age.” -Markos Haan. In packaging this idea all text was eliminated, branding the ‘M’ in M-System as a simple graphic element and rendering packaging material in matte acrylic
for a synthetic feel which also becomes an iconic POP display.

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Creative Direction—Dustin Edward Arnold
Design—Dustin Edward Arnold